3 Way switch help?

I’m trying to wire in a GE Switch and an add on switch. I have 2 boxes:
Switch A: Has a ground, a white, and 2 black wires (one black wire connected to the black screw), also in that box I have one black wire connected to a red wire with a wire nut photos 2 & 3

Switch B: I have a ground, a red (connected to black screw), a white and black wire. Photos 1&4

I’m trying to figure out which wires I am supposed to connect to which switch. I’ve included photos as well.

My guess would be the white and black are your travellers, and red is your switched leg, connecting to the black wire for the light.

You’ll need to wire your master switch into the 2/3 pic box, with black from black screw on line, red on traveller, white to neutral bundle (as well as the white from the 3wire red/black/white) and black that was tied to red, to the load. Cap off the black on a copper screw.

For your slave switch, red to traveller, neutral to white, and black leave capped off.

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Does that mean I need to undo the red/black wires that are wired together and connect the red wire to the traveler? I assume I also will splice the white wire to connect to the neutral on the smart switch as well?

That is correct. Make sure you’ve shut your circuit breaker off before opening a neutral bundle, as it can cause damage to devices if it’s carrying unbalanced load between two breakers.

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Thank you Ed. That worked perfectly. Appreciate the help.