Help! Wiring Leviton DZS15 3-way Switch

I’m having an issue with this wiring. I’ve replaced both old switches with the DZS15 and it’s matching remote DD0SR-DLZ. At first the green light blinked but I couldn’t get the lights to turn on, and now nothing works. Not even when I put the old switches back. I used a hot pen and the lead wire isn’t hot any more. Here is the pictures of how the wires look at the moment.

First Switch

Fearing that I was incompetent, I went and tried changing a 1-way switch, and my 4 LED lights just flickered; they wouldn’t turn off when I clicked the switch and tightening the screws didn’t do anything. Does anyone know the issue?

Thank you so much ahead of time!!

I’m a new user, so I can only upload 1 picture per post. Here is the 2nd switch.

Yeah, I turned the breakers off before I started working and then turn them back on when I test them. I don’t know of any other breakers/fuses there. When I turn on the breakers, other light switches/lights work in that circuit.

The issue here is that you don’t know your existing wiring configuration. There are at least 9 types of 3 ways wiring option and plenty of 2 ways in the U.S and wire colors is not standard. You are not incompetent. Plenty of people have issue with 3 ways circuit so you are not alone. Just need a little reading on 3 ways wiring and don’t start replacing switches until you understand the basic. Same as 2 ways wiring (one switch, one load).
Hopefully you labeled the wires. Usually the line hot ( the power wire from the breaker) is at the dark terminal screw of one of the 3 ways switch and the load is at the dark terminal of the other switch. So check with you pen there. Possible the circuit is tapping of an AFCI outlet and it tripped?
Ref. Site for 3 ways