Problem installing a Leviton DZS15 Switch

I have an odd situation that I am trying to sort out.

I have a light that is controlled by one switch that I would like to convert to the DZS15 switch from leviton.

When I take the switch out out of the wall low and behold it is a three way switch…Unfortunately there is not another switch that also controls this light…Head scratcher number one.

So I go ahead and suss out which wires are which - The red is the common so I put it intot he back of the switch marked BK. Which leaves me with a white and a black. I put the white in the spot marked white (WH) and the black one i put in the spot marked red (RD).

All seems fine. Green LED lights up and when I click on the switch I hear the distinct clicking sound of something happening inside of the switch…UNFORTUNATELY the light does not come on.

I tried reversing the white and black wires and also tried wiring it per the labels on the back of the switch (wh to white, rd to red and bk to black). When I do this i do not get the LED light nor do i get the audible clicking.

Would appreciate any assistance with my problem.


Any chance that anyone can assist with this? I’m stuck.

This seems very odd. Do you have a picture of how it was originally wired?

I attached a photo of the original switch wiring to my original post. The white wire was wired to the terminal at the bottom left of the switch in the photo.

Typically red is the travel wire. I would try putting red where it says red, and black where it says black and white where it says white. It should work till you find the other side of the 3 way and flip it.

unfortunately when i tried to wire as prescribed the LED light did not light and the switch did not make an audible clicking noise internally when I clicked on it.

Are there any other sets of wires running to that box?

No other wire running to the box.