Virtual vs Simulated Switches

So, probably a really dumb question. I have several older switches that were created as “Simulated” switches that don’t work in the new app. Recently I needed a new virtual switch and used the Virtual Device Creator SmartApp and it was created as a “virtual” switch, and low and behold it works in the new app.

Can I just switch my old ones to the “virtual switch” device handler or will I need to recreate them all when the day comes I have to use the new app?

you can switch them.

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Unfortunately, simply switching the didn’t seem to make any difference. Bummer. While I don’t care about using the new app, I have a coupe of device handlers that people use, so I’d like to understand the new app and what works and doesn’t work. Having the smart app work seems like a small step forward, but doesn’t make it easy for existing things.