Help to create smart app to change modes when SHM armed status changes?

Hello, I am hoping someone can assist me. I am simply looking for an app that will change the mode when the smart home monitor changes mode. So if the smart home monitor changes to armed away I want the mode to change to away, for armed home the mode would be home and disarmed would be night. Any assistance is really appreciated.

Routines do all of that. Routine triggers, sets SHM and Mode depending on your settings. You can also use CoRE to set SHM and Mode independent of the routines.

Like desturcure00 stated, Routines will do that already. I use Routines a lot. You select the mode you want a routine to be in when you set it up. I don’t use the SHM just routines.

I tried to create a routine to change the mode, but the shm modes are not available, that is why I wanted an app. If core will do this, great, how do I get core?

In the Routine setting, there should be a tab called Set Smart Home Monitor to. I can take screen shots in the morning if you need them.

CoRE is an option if you want to go that route. It has a lot of capabilities.

My apologies, I understand that setting is there. However, when I am on the SHM Dashboard on the app, when I push armed home, there is no way to link that action to the routine that I would create to change the mode. Am I missing something?

I have Routines change the SHM mode not the other way around. I don’t use SHM directly. I rarely even open that part of the dashboard.

CORE is your best bet at the present time for what you want, which is to subscribe to a smart home monitor alarm status change . It can be quite complicated to understand, but there are many people in the peer assistance thread who will be glad to help you set up the rule that you need. :sunglasses:

I was able to set myself up on core and have it running to do exactly what I wanted. I am a long time user of tasker so this was a walk in the park. Thank you to all for you help and turning me on to Core!!!