Another Nest Question

ok so I know there are a million Nest questions on the forums. I’ve done my best to read through them.

I’ve just started with ST but I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve got about a dozen devices connected, I have some smart apps running, got the chamberlain garage door opener working tonight with some help…

So I feel like I have an understanding of what’s going on.

I have a NEST thermostat and 2 Nest protects.

I have tried various code I have found on the forums but it isn’t working. It shows up in Things, white circle with smaller white circle in it. When I go into it, I can see the layout of where things should be reporting, but nothing is showing any data?

I’ve configured it with SN, etc. but no luck.

One of the things that is hard is it seems like there are several people stretching back a couple years that have created smartapps, device types, devices etc. for this. It gets a bit confusing after a while.

Can anyone send me a link to the code I need to get nest working with STs that is recommended so I can try again?

Right now I have the device-type.nest Device type and I created the device per the instructions.


[quote=“mattw112, post:1, topic:16732”]
I have the device-type.nest Device type and I created the device per the instructions
[/quote]That’s really all you should need to do.

Edit: I’m using the nest device type found here:

Things to check… in

Find your nest in My Devices, click on it. Under Preferences you should see your username/password and Serial#. The Serial # is CASE SENSITIVE. The letters in it must be in Caps. Yes, this is unexpected.

Anyway, verify that you can log into the with the username/password shown in the device preferences, and while there click the thermostat itself, then Thermostat Settings, then Technical Info. You can copy the Serial # from there and then paste it into the preferences for the device to avoid errors there.

Once that’s done you should be able to go into the Nest device on the ST App, and hit refresh, and it should start reading the Thermostat.

I believe it was the CAPs thing…

I entered it in all caps, then opened the app and did a refresh and it started working!


Now on to the Nest Protect :wink: