SmartThings/Alexa Multipurpose sensor

I have TWO ST Multi-purpose Sensors connected to a ST hub. They are also connected to Alexa (controlled through phone app, as well as an Echo Dot speaker). When the doors are opened/closed, this DOES register on both ST app, as well as on Alexa. I have a routine set up on both multi-purpose sensors to announce (on the Echo Dot) when either door opens or closes. This works perfectly on ONE of the devices, but NOT the other… And it’s confounding that both Alexa and ST app RECOGNIZES when the doors are opened/closed, but only ONE of the routines make the actual announcement…

has anyone else had similar issues? Any suggestions on what I can do to try to fix this? I’ve tried disabling/enabling the non-working sensor, as well as doing a clean setup (deleting the sensor and re-adding it, as well as deleting/reinstating the routine. Nothing seems to work so far…

Never mind what I wrote previously, I misread your note.

So you are saying that you were able to create the routine, but the echo doesn’t speak?

You can talk to Amazon support about that and they should be able to figure it out.

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