Help - Qubino Flush 1D as Gate Opener - Lock Open

Hi guys,

I’ve got a Flush 1D working in our gate opener box just fine - it’s wired up so it closes the NO contact that triggers the inbuilt open/close mechanism as pressing the supplied remote controls do.

This is fine for emulating the remote - the gate will open and close after the set time.

Sometimes though you want to “lock the gates open” - to do this you need to interrupt the inbuilt open/close routine. Once the gates are open you press the remote button again which starts them closing and then again to stop them where they are. They’ll then stay in this position until you press the button once more to continue closing.

I want to emulate doing this with ST so that we have a thing which triggers the routine automatically.

I’ve tried to do it with webCoRE but as I expected i’m running into difficulty with the quick press of the button required for the gate to be locked into position.

There’s no problem opening the gates, waiting 20 seconds and then pressing the button after to start the close - but trying to press the button again to lock them straight away doesn’t work.

I’ve tried various wait times in webCoRE to no affect. I’m pretty sure the command can be sent easily enough. The default Qubino device handler adds it as an on/off button. I think this adds too much delay. It has configurable settings - you can change it to a mono-push button (presumably momentary button) though this does nothing on it’s own. You can set it to have it’s own “auto off” to try and replicate a quick zap of the NO contact. I’ve set this as low as 80ms and it works fine to start the gate, but I think the problem here is it takes too long to update SmartThings that the device is now “off” again. It might be 80ms at the switch, but it’s probably up to a second before SmartThings updates to acknowledge this.

I thought the best thing maybe to do is try to re-add it with a custom device type where the on/off button is replaced with a proper momentary tile and the quick pulse/zap is set to something like 60ms. I’m not sure how to do this with the device type and it’ll be a pain to remove it and re-add it so I wouldn’t like to do it more than once (it requires me pulling the fuse to the gate to get it to power down…i’m not even entire sure how i’d get it to exclude from the z-wave network…so if we can do the momentary button thing just as well via a virtual switch that might be the way forward)

Any help on this project would be much appreciated.