Help please! Can't figure out new lights

I’m hoping someone could help me out. I bought some commercial electric 4 inch recessed lights from Home Depot Canada. They are zigbee lights, but are to be used with a wink hub. I’ve been having problems with the wink Hub, so I decided to try the Samsung connect home Pro. Could someone please give me the instructions on how I can make these lights connect.? I would like to be able to adjust the color temperature and brightness. I read some instructions that’s a to go to The Groovy IDE page, and I’ve done that, but under the heading “devices” I go to add device, and it asks for a bunch of information such as zigbee ID, and location. When I tap location, there is nothing for me to select. Could someone please give me basic instructions on how to make the Samsung connect home Pro work with these lights? Thank you in advance!

You need to put them in pairing mode and then go into the app and start pairing there

Brand and model of the lights?

The brand is Commercial Electric. They are not officially supported by SmartThings, but are zigbee. I’m not sure how to edit info when adding new device. It asks for a bunch of stuff, like zigbee ID, location, device network ID etc… This is where the confusion begins.

You don’t need that info when adding through the app. Did you pair them through the app first?

Thank you very much for your help. The issue that I am having is that my lights are made by a company called commercial electric, and they do not appear in any list of supported devices. However, I have read on the form that some people were able to select a light made by a different company, and all the functions work properly for the commercial electric lights (dimmer, color temperature etc). It’s called "osram lightify device type, and that’s where it gets tricky for me. I need to go into the smartthings groovy IDE and get some kind of code, which is a little over my head. If anyone has any information on how to do this an easy manner, could you please help me out? Thank you

Have you tried to pair in via the app first?