Help Pairing Ecolink Door & Window Sensor

Can someone help? I am new to ST and I paired an Ecolink Door Sensor to my front door with no problems. I have been struggling for hours trying to successfully pair a sensor to my basement door. The device seems to pair as it shows up in the “Things” category. The problem is that is repeatedly shows as being open even though the door is closed and red light is off. It seems to trigger just fine as the lights activate and deactivate on the sensor so I assume it is signaling. This is the second sensor I tried since I thought the first one might be defective so unless they are both defective, which I doubt, I am doing something wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.

@rjwatl, did you pair it close to the hub? Also, after pairing, could you manually trip the sensor with the magnet before moving it to its final location?

Also, remove the cover and look in the device logs for the event “…covering was removed”.

I have tons of these sensors, and they can be kind of finicky. Range to the hub could be an issue as well depending upon where the door is in relation to the hub and obstacles the signal has to pass through.

John–Thanks for the reply and advice. It appears to be a range issue. If I add another sensor a bit closer to the hub, will that new sensor serve as a repeater/extender so that it will work in the basement?

Hi @rjwatl, good to hear that. Battery powered devices can’t act as repeaters in a mesh network, only devices that use your house’s power, like wall switches, will act as repeaters. There are devices like the one below that are dedicated repeaters:

Awesome. Thanks for sharing the link.

Glad I could help. I think it’s so important for everyone to realize that building your mesh network, whether it’s zigbee or zwave, is so important to the reliability and performance of your device(s); and ultimately your satisfaction/experience.