Help on 3 ways installation for GE switch -14291

(Samjjp2009) #1

I want to install the GE 14291 smart switch and GE add-on switch 12723 for my upstairs and downstairs control. When I open up the light switch upstairs, I found multiple wires inside the box.
There are 2 set of wires, 1 set has 2 black, 2 white 2 copper. The other set has 1 red 1 white 1 black 1 copper.
Which wires do I hook that up to the master switch (14291)?
For the downstairs, I found only 4 wires inside the box
1 red 1 white 1 black 1 copper
According to the video online, I should have 4 wires for the add on box. Do I just cap off the black and install the rest to the add on switch?
Any suggestion on how to wire those 2 switches?

(Ray) #2

Most likely you have option 9 on this site.

Here’s an excellent post for wiring.

(Samjjp2009) #3

Thanks for the information. I am able to get the master switch to work. However, the add on switch doesn’t work. Since there is only 4 wires, I cap off the grey, red to traveler, white to neutral and ground. The master switch, red to traveler, white to neutral, black to load, another black (not hot) to line, copper to ground and cap off the grey color one.
I look over the articles many times and still can’t figure out what I did wrong. I wonder if it is possible to damage the add-on switch when I wire incorrectly on the master switch. I will buy another add-on switch to test it out.
Any suggestion?

(Ray) #4

If you have a multimeter then you could check for 120v between red and white at the addon box regardless of the light on or off. Now remove the red traveler wire at the Master switch and the voltage should be 0v. Anything other than that and your wiring is incorrect.
Possible you damaged the add on if the neutral and traveler is reversed.

(Samjjp2009) #5

You are a life saver. Once I figure the power with the multimeter, I am able to get both switches to work. Thanks for all the help.