Help Noob Please--turn on light with motion sensor? How do I set this up?

Finally I am making progress with my smart things hub…
I bought a My GE Z-Wave Smart Motion Sensor model 34193". and a GE power receptacle Z Wave Switch.
My goal is to automate the switch when I enter in the room where the motion sensor is sitting.
There is a rope light attached to the switch and when I enter the room ( and the motion sensor is in this room) the switch turns on and thus the rope light. Since the motion sensor has vacancy mode when I leave then the rope light would switch off.
Can someone give me kindergarden step by step instructions to get this accomplished?
When I get in the smart things IOS app I get no automation with the motion sensor. So I cannot create a routine to get this done or should I have a group?
Thanks in advance.

Step #1:

In the SmartThings App, go to Automation / SmartApps / +Add a SmartApp / SmartThings Recommends / Smart Lights


You Da Man…
Works like a charm - than you your excellency :fleur_de_lis:

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Terry - One more question…
So now that I have set this up… what if I am in the room and I want to tun off the light (switch) and don’t want it to detect motion - but since the automation is to turn on the switch when the morion sensor senses motion…
Will appreciate any ideas.

You might also find the following of interest. :sunglasses:

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That’s where is gets tricky and @JDRoberts’s post is one of a few good clue’s you’ll get.

Smart Lighting is … smart, but not brilliant.

The #1 recommendation made for Automations these days?

WebCoRE (web based Community Rules Engine).

It is a custom “community” developed platform for writing arbitrarily complex automation rules … but is not necessarily a bad choice for relatively simple rules too.

Start with their own Forum which has Tutorials and peer support.

What’s in between the 2 extremes?

  • Clever apps for specific purposes … for example controlling a set of lights together (search “Trend Setter”). There are dozens (hundreds?) of these,Forum search or try

  • Paid apps and app sources like ActionTiles (popular custom web dashboard builder; I’m co-founder), RBoy Apps that cover a range of useful things like Lock Management, Blink Cameras …

  • Oh … and an easy to use rule builder by @obycode for iOS only: In the iOS Store “Smart Rules”. Smart Rules is definitely sufficient for your example use case (I think); of lights on motion only while not disable by some other condition. … etc!!!

Lots of exploring to do!

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The light in my closet on by motion and off by no motion was my first project. I don’t want it to come on during the day, so I just set a parameter to only turn the light on from 4.30 pm to 8 am. Something similar might help while you figure out the more complex stuff?