Monoprice motion sensor seems to have lost connectivity

I have had a monoprice motion sensor hooked up in my room for a few weeks now and it was controlling my lamp and when i woke up in the morning. But it is acting like it is no longer connecting to the hub. It hasn’t received a temperature update since 9 last night. And the motion is not triggering. It was working fine before this. When I first hooked it up, it was kind of having this same problem, which I assumed was a range problem. After resetting and hooking it back it up, it started working, but now it is doing the problem again. Does anyone have any debugging tips for this problem?

It is working again. I went to the Hub management site and rebuilt the zwave network. I am not 100% if this was the solution. But I feel like i have to do this way too much.

How many things do you have in your network? And are you experiencing this with other devices?

i have 3motion, 3 door, a honeywell thermostat, a power outlet, my phone, a presence sensor. and my Up24 band. I don’t think I am experiencing with other devices. The only thing of note is that this motion sensor is upstairs and in the furthest away room. In my opinion not that far away but it is further than everything else. There is a thermostat in between the hub and it. Which I thought i was reading that each device extends the zwave network range.

Hmmm, it could be the device itself. I have found that Monoprice doesn’t appear to have as good of a range. I had a Door Sensor that was acting up, and when I replaced it with a new ST Multi Sensor it has worked fine since. Sometimes in the effort to go into something as cheaply as possible, there are certain trade offs.

Not saying that is the case here. But, one way to see if it is the sensor or not is to try another sensor in that location and see how it does for you. Also, remember with Z-Wave, that sometimes you have to do a repair of the network, for it to correctly connect in a logical way to all of the devices that you have in your network. At least that is what I have experienced so far in my HA project.