Help needed with Echosistant installation (Lambda Part)

hi i have been trying for days to install echosistant but keep running into the same stumbling block i have gone over each step by step instruction from echosistant installation but when i get to the Amazon Configuration lambda function the G U I is completely different and i cant find the options i am supposed to follow ie Configure Triggers

any help will be greatly appreciated

Instead of starting a new thread, ask your question in one of the existing echosistant threads. That way the author is automatically notified when a new post is added, and other people using the same code May also be able to help you. :sunglasses:

So ask your question to the following thread and you will get the quickest answer:

And specifically in the case of EchoSistant , have you followed the troubleshooting tips in the community – created wiki? It’s definitely a complicated install, and A lot of people find those of help.