EchoSistant installation problem

Been going through the EchoSistant installation today, did everything up until adding triggers in the EchoSistant - Step 16 under “Amazon Configuration” section of the install. When choosing triggers, I click on the empty box per instructions, however, in the drop down list I do not see/have “Alexa Skills Kit”. What am I missing? Why I don’t have “Alexa Skills Kit”?


I am new here as well, but I recently did a head to head installation between this program and Ask Alexa and also ran into installation problems with Echosistant. However, since it is fresh in my mind, I hope the author doesn’t mind me stepping in and assisting.

The lack of the Alexa Skills Kit probably means you are not choosing the correct datacenter location at Amazon. If you are in the United States you should choose Virginia (East) and in Europe it will be Ireland.

Hopefully that is the right answer. This is what the Ask Alexa documentation says and it worked when I did it for the Echosistant installation as well.

Found it. You right, eventhough I could not see it anywhere in the instructions, but yes, once I changed AWS location the right Alexa option appeared.

It looks like the Echosistant team is about to release a new version.
The code is already written they just tuning fine details.
One of the new features is extremely easy setup for a new install.
I will recommend you to wait and save yourself sweat and tears if you can couple days later do the whole setup for under 2 minutes.

Yeah I probably will wait for the new release. I got stock again somewhere 3/4 to the bottom of the installation.

Hi Everyone,

I have managed to setup AskAlexa but am struggling with the instructions for setting up EchoSistant.

I am at the point of adding slots but the layout from the guide on AWS has changed since they wrote it and i cant find how to copy and paste all of the commands from the Main Custom Slots into each slot. It looks like this has to be done 1 by 1 copy and paste.

Also i cant find where i add the Main Intent and Main Utterance files.

If anyone can point my in the right direction it would be most appreciated.


You all may want to look here: [PRE-RELEASE] EchoSistant V5 - Evolution

Echosistant is no longer being developed, and Ask Alexa probably has the same features you are looking for.