Fan/Light Control without a neutral?

I am trying to add my bedroom ceiling fan and light combo to my SmartThings environment. The fan is a Hunter and has an RF remote control with it. I figure there are 3 options all at different cost.

Easiest is a Bond Fan control unit. It is the most expensive option and does not integrate with ST. I can use it with Alexa and I could use IFTTT to get it into ST but I haven’t needed to use IFTTT yet and would prefer not to for this as well.

I could get a Hampton Bay Zigbee fan controller and replace my hunter remote with it and tie it directly in ST. This is a cheaper option.

I don’t have a neutral wire at my switch box so replacing the switch is not an option. Is there a small device that I could put in my ceiling box that is z-wave preferably or zigbee that will turn off and on power? I don’t need it to control the fan so much as the lights, so if it just tied into the wires going into the fan it is fine.

I am located in Canada so the Bond and Hampton Bay would have to come from the US. I am close to the border so I can have them shipped and pick up, but it is somewhat of a pain.

Have you had a chance to look at the Fan Control FAQ yet? ( The topic title is a clickable link). It discusses at least one option which doesn’t require a neutral at the wall switch.

Some people have been able to put a micro in the fan canopy to control the lights, but it depends on the exact wiring. If the wall switch is going to cut the current to the micro, then it won’t work if you want to be able to turn the lights on when the fan is off.

@dalec did some set ups something like this before the Hampton Bay device was available, and might be able to say more.