Help Needed for outdoor access control project, keypad (not sure which yet) plus PROMAG ER750 RFID reader (EU)

I wish to buy a new access control device that will open my front door and disarm the alarm. I need to place the device outside, near the front door. This place doesn’t have direct sunlight nor rain. One of the big issue that I will happily give up a keypad device. RFID device or fingerprint device will be great. The only device that is close enough is Zipato keypad, but… the keypad itself has only 4 buttons (not secure enough for outside use), and the device itself is intended for indoor use.
So I’ve started to look for a device that I’ll be able to use and came across the PROMAG ER750.
This device look great, very stylish, very secured RFID reader and uses Ethernet to send its messages.
Several questions:
Will Zipato keypad will be able to get a passcode longer then 4 digits? (For better security).
Will I be able to use zipato and ignore keypad code (use it only as RFID reader)
Will it survive outdoor use, in not too extreme conditions, just near the door, with sunlight or rain.
Will it ve secure enough.
Can i write some kind of DH or smartapp that will receive the messages from Promag er750? Has anyone has any experience with this?

Have you considered a ZigBee Keypad like the IRIS, Xfinity, UEI or Centralite to name a few. You can get them eBay if you want it shipped outside the US. You can also check out the Popp Z-Wave Keypad.

Yes, but sadly it’s keypad only devices, I really like that my front door will have RFID and/or biometric scanner.
The only possible device that already have DH and RFID is Zipato keypad, but I am really not sure about its security and features.