Consolidating Keypads?

I’m finishing up a renovation and am to the point of installing access keypads for outdoor use. Currently I have the following devices:

Each of these devices have an associated keypad. I am looking to move to one keypad mounted on the on the outside of my pedestrian gate to the backyard. Depending on the code entered I would like to unlock the pedestrian gate, raise a garage door or unlock the garage entry door. Does anyone have thoughts or ideas on how to accomplish this? Or am I fantasizing in thinking I could consolidate keypads. :slight_smile: Cheers!

I’m not sure about the garage door, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t stick another keypad on the gate and then use that to trigger events on the remotec and on the Z wave lock.

The most commonly used keypad is probably the Centralite, which is sold under both the Lowe’s iris and the Xfinity brands. Price varies a lot, and it is often on sale at local Lowe’s stores:

The Zipato/benext zwave keypad also works:

There are custom device type handlers for both of these on the “security” DTH quick browse list in the community – created wiki

Just remember that if you do go this route the keypad will not work if the SmartThings cloud is not available, so you need a Plan B for getting in whenever that happens including during hub firmware updates.

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Thanks for the recommendations!

As for a Plan B, I’m setting this up to make it easier for my yard guy, cleaning lady, etc to get access to my property. I still have my original remotes, Liftmaster keypad, etc that will be used by my family daily.

You can also use this smartapp for centralite keypads.


Any idea is the Centralite Series-3 Security Keypad works with ST? I searched the forums, but didn’t find anything.[quote=“bamarayne, post:4, topic:93191”]
You can also use this smartapp for centrality keypads.

I’m actually following your other thread already. :slight_smile: Once I find a deal on a keypad (not willing to pay $45) I’ll give your app a shot. Cheers!

I bet those will work just fine… I like the way that one looks