Help needed creating piston with light switch override

I am looking to make all the switches in my house act the following way. If you flip a switch on it will turn off within 5 minutes. But if you quickly, let’s say within 8 seconds turn it on, then off, then on it will stay on indefinitely. Is there a way to do this? All your help and ideas will be truly appreciated…Thank you.

You are more likely to get assistance by posting in any of the 2 links below.

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Thank you so much for your help, the community is what makes smarthings great. Quick question I see that this piston was made using webcore, I have regular core installed… will webcore import pistons from regular core somehow? Or would I have to have both apps installed… I already have a bunch of regular pistons, but I think wecore is an improved version of core…thanks for all your help!!!

CoRE pistons cannot be imported in webCoRE, you’ll have to recreate them. You can have them installed at the same time so you can pause your old pistons while trying out the new ones.

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