Iphone home based on Wifi

Is there a way to set up the presence sensor of iPhone to be based on if it is connected to the same network as the smart hub? My GPS on my phone seems to be bad lately (just upgraded to iphone 6+ and it also has the same problem). I will get messages saying I am home, even though i am a mile+ away. If i check my maps app at that time. My GPS has a HUGE radius around my actual point. This radius seems to trigger SmartThings. Not really sure why this is happening as of late (last 1-2 months) because it used to work fine (i thought it might be my iphone). Anyway i have been forced to switch to the presence sensor key chain at this point.

This is the default behavior of SmartThings and iPhone presence sensing. It works best if you use GPS and wi-fi in combination. I don’t think you can JUST use wi-fi, however. What other settings do you have setup. Sometimes there are some things you can run in the background that help. How do your other apps that use geo-presence function lately?

I have the same problem with my iphone 5. I can’t get it to work even with a 3000ft radius. I tried using my presence sensor but had problems with the presence sensor connecting to the wifi unless I was inside the house and that’s not what I want the case to be. Want the outside lights to turn on when I’m getting close.

@colbyseverson you should definitely check in with support to see what the can suggest. Often times there are some some settings that can help out.

@Ben I have contacted support and the solutions they have didn’t help very much. Just said it could be bad reception.

I had same issues (and still sometimes do), but increasing the radius of the area/geofence to include the closest cell tower can help (when the phone relies on the towers vs GPS). This helped me anyway.

It would be ideal if SmartThings could use your home wifi network as an alternate indicator though.

It would be even more ideal if the hub could detect/check for the presence of a MAC address on the network as a presence indicator. This way I wouldn’t need to install the app on wife & kids phones to use them as a presence device, but would still know when they were at the house.