Help me add an alert function to my sewage ejector pump

Hello all:
I’ve been using ST for a couple of years now and have a few dozen devices, but I’m essentially a noob (zero programming experience). I’m hoping you can help me integrate my sewage ejector pump into the ST ecosystem.

My house is connected to the city sewer by a sewage ejector pump which is the bane of my existence. For those unfamiliar - I’ve got a manhole in my backyard that collects wastewater from my house. It uses a three-float system (empty, full, high-level alarm) and once it’s collected a set amount, a pump in the bottom of the pit pushes the waste to the city sewer in the street.

Problem 01:
The floats get stuck sometimes. I ended up burning up a [$4,000] pump once when a float got stuck which caused the pump to run continuously. I would like to be alerted via text if the pump runs for longer than normal. Bonus points if I could have the ability to turn it off remotely (like while I’m at work).

Problem 02:
The pump control panel has a high-level alarm (flashing light and buzzer) to alert me to potential issues which could result in raw sewage backing up into my house, but it’s in my basement in a sound-insulated boiler room. I’d like to be alerted via text when the tank hits its limit.

Below is the wiring diagram for the pump controller. What can I wire in (and where) to provide the alerts I’m looking for?

Thanks in advance!

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…and here’s a picture of the inside of the cabinet.

From looking at the diagram, you would need voltage sensors to detect when there is current being applied to the alarm or the pump. This looks like something that would work for your notification requirement, but don’t think it would provide you the control you’re looking for.

Ideally, you need something that detects the presence of the current and then opens/closes a contact that integrates with Smartthings. To control the the pump, you would need a switch inline to the pump that can also be controlled by Smartthings. The company above might have some other products that would work so perhaps chat with their technical folks about what you want to do.

@h0ckeysk8er Thanks for the speedy response, but I’ve got a couple more questions:

To detect voltage on the alarm, seems like it would be easy enough for me to tap into the two wires going to the piezo (bottom center of my picture). Where would I tap in to know if the pump is running?

You’re going to have to dumb this down for me. I’m with you on the voltage detection part, then you lose me on the smartthings integration. Where does the wireless signal go once voltage is detected?

If I’m reading the schematic correctly, it looks like your alarm light is powered on terminal block 5 with common going to the N block. This is similar to my own septic alarm scenario. I don’t see the alarm buzzer on the schematic, but it might be tied into the same terminal 5+N connections.

If the light turns on in response to any event, then I think you can get notifications in similar fashion to what I have done. I’m getting reliable notifications to my phone when the septic alarm goes off. Have a look at my post, especially the last post here…it could be a start to solving your problem #2

P.S. Stay clear of that huge capacitor in the control box!!