Alerts when activity has NOT happened in X hours?

Example 1 Its raining for 12 hours, the sump pump has not gone off, this could be a normal occurance but it should be checked if this is the case

Example 2 Sewer lift has not triggered in 8 hours, moisture sensors alerted me that the floor was wet but would like to intervene before that happens!

Is there a device that can somehow alert based on things not happening ?


You could go it with any plug that reads power and Webcore

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high-high alarm level switch in your sump. Or an analog level sensor. If the water level is 1 inch over the normal start level, then notify you.

If I have equipment called “sewer lift”, then I will have a notification system that does NOT depend on ST or internet.

Its a sealed sump (radon remediation system) - so the only part exposed is the exit PVC going to the outside - I was wondering if there is a device that has a vibration type sensor ??

lol… sewer lift is a common pump system in our area for basement bathrooms. They typically dont malfunction, but some idiot (me) was in the basement yesterday and unplugged it accidentally… so when one of the kids showered last night the pump didn’t fire to send the drain water up and out to the main sewer, so I had a small water pool this am that DID set off the moisture/leak sensors and thats how I knew.

The smartthings multi sensor has vibration and you could stick it to your discharge pipe. Another option is to drill a hole into the cap of your sealed sump pit, drop in the external leads for a water sensor, seal it up with silicon, and then attach those leads to the sensor itself.