Sewage Pump Monitoring?

Hi there,

I am looking for a setup that will alert me (email or text) when my sewage pump turns on and alert me if it doesn’t turn on for a period of time (24 hours for example). I’d also like an alert if the circuit that the pump is connected to looses power, when a circuit breaker is tripped for example.

Currently the 15 AMP pump is direct connected to the electrical panel but if necessary it could be setup so that it is connected to a power outlet. The pump is outside in a grey water chamber so I’m not sure if any water sensors would be able to handle the harsh environment. I’m thinking monitoring power usage inside at the power outlet may be the best option, but I’m open to all ideas. Cell or WiFi connection is available.

Thanks for your time.


As I do not have much experience with pumps beside replacing a few small ones, these ideas are going to be shots in the dark, but they may get you started.

  1. Use a smart metering switch. Wire it inline with with the pump. When pump is on it will use a certain wattage. When off it will still draw power. If circuit breaker trips, switch will go offline.
  2. Use a vibration sensor attached to the side of pump. When pump is on, sensor will show active. Pump off will show inactive. Some devices have other sensors like tempature so that may be useful.

Hope that gets you going in the direction you wanted.

You could use one of the Aeon wattage monitors inside the main panel. Then use some Core programing for the first 2.

To monitor that you have voltage, not sure. all I can think of is wire in a 110 receptacle inside, add a walwart and have it on. Then an alert if changes to off.

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