Monitor Sewage Ejector Pump

I have a sewage ejector pump that is only supposed to run for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes the pump will get stuck and run constantly and never shuts off. I was looking for ideas on how to monitor if the pump has been running for more then a minute and to alert me when it does. The pump plugs into a normal outlet so I was thinking I could get a smart plug and monitor the power usage but I am not sure how to get alerted if the pump is drawing power for more then a minute. Any ideas?


I believe that if the pocket socket (plug in outlet) has usage monitoring, you can create a smart home monitoring (custom) rule that should do what you are looking for. I do not have an outlet with this capability to test with for you to ensure that said device would expose itself to the smart home monitor section.

I do however know that you can create rules based on vibration, so, perhaps, a vibration sensor on the pipe from the ejector. Just a thought.

Hopefully others will chime in that have something like this in place already.

Some of the sump pump threads might help. I would look for a smart plug with energy/power like you mentioned then use webcore for the alerting…