HELP! Light switch keeps clicking

My outdoor light switch is clicking. My house outside is being remodeled and the outside lights are removed, so I can’t tell if it’s going on/off or on/on or off/off. they have been fine for the past 2 months. I made sure everything was nutted off before it was covered in tyvek, and its dry out, so I dont think its shorting.

it is the main switch in the 3 way.

I turned power off at the breaker, still clicking when I turned it on. Disconnected the wires, still clicking when I put back on. unplugged and removed batteries from ST hub, and still clicking when I plugged it back in.

any ideas? I dont have a spare on hand to replace with…

Brand and model of the switch?

In most cases when you hear that sound the switch thinks that it is overheating and shutting itself off then restarting. This could be a short or too high a load. But that’s the usual reason.

ge zw4003

its not hot at all.

it doesn’t have any load on it, could that be it? all 4 outside lights are unwired and just nutted off individually.

so it just went bad?

Maybe, yes. That model is known for doing that. Not every switch, but a relatively high percentage, you can find lots of discussion of it in the forms. And it wouldn’t necessarily feel hot to the touch to be overloading. So you may want to have an electrician check the circuit just to be sure there’s not a problem with it.

Got a replacement switch and it’s working correctly. I did test the clicking one and it still clicked after being unwired for 12hrs.

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