Zooz Switch Outdoors

I have a Zooz light switch installed outdoors. It is protected from the weather in a roofed porch and weatherproof switch box. Although the switch cover plate is not weatherproof.

Last night it quit working. ST says it is working fine and is turning on and off. However, the light stays on. I can’t even turn it off from the switch itself.

Anyone have any thoughts on whether being outside subject to temperature changes and humidity, in Missouri, could have affected the switch? Or is it maybe just one of those things and it went bad?

I bet that something internal has failed due to being outside. Since that switch wasn’t rated for outside use, the electronics probably weren’t designed to be protected from the elements.

I have seen regular light switches installed in barns and similiar places that corroded. I was kinda wondering if that is what might have happened here.


Problem solved. I pulled the switch and the neutral wire came out. So I am thinking it was loose or something. I re-attached and now all is fine.

Thanks to the responses.