Help! Installing Fibaro Dimmer Relay

Hey guys, I bought this and am trying to install it. I want to make sure i don’t mess it up. If anyone can help with the wiring that would be great. I have a few pictures below to show what i have. The instructions are fairly clear, but i still want to double check:

  • Ground is not used

  • hot black wire goes into L on relay

  • load black wire goes into that weird squiggly thing on the end of the relay

  • neutral white goes into N on relay

  • a new neutral white goes from Sx on relay to neutral on switch

  • a new black goes from S1 to hot on switch

  • what about the load black wire?

On the side with the open terminal, is there a jumper or tab that connects the open terminal to the incoming hot line? You will want to remove/break any jumper/tab to separate the switch terminals from the outlet terminals. I would verify that the ‘hot’ terminal does not have continuity with any other switch terminals.

This may just be terminology, but instead of the ‘hot’ and ‘neutral’ here:

You will have a new wire going from S1 to one of the switch terminals and a new wire going from Sx to the other switch terminal. These wires are low voltage and won’t be ‘hot’ or ‘neutral’.

There should only be the one load total in the box and you mentioned that earlier (load black wire goes into that weird squiggly thing on the end of the relay)

Thanks, a lot davemang. So assuming all above is true. Instead of having two black, one white and a ground going to the switch…it will only have the ground (which doesn’t move), one black from S1, and one white from Sx. The black ‘load’ would not go back to the switch and instead would only go to the squiggly thing.

That would make the switch/Fibaro part work, but then you’d be disconnecting the outlet.

If you still want the out/plug-in part of the switch to work, you’ll have to:

  • Leave the Line and Neutral connected where they are (so the outlet keeps working)
  • Create Neutral wire junction to connect to the Fibaro Neutral
  • Create Line wire junction to connect to the Fibaro Line
  • Move the load to the Fibaro Load (~) terminal (swapping control of load from switch to Fibaro)
  • Connect the Fibaro Sx/S1 terminals to the (now empty) switch contacts

Not sure if it’s safe/code to do the junctions at the screw terminals of the switch/outlet, probably safest to use wire nuts.

Here is a diagram:
(Thicker wires denoting the ‘new’ wires that need to get added)
If there isn’t any way to disconnect the two terminals on the ‘hot/line’ side of the switch/outlet you’d have to get a different switch/outlet that allows them to be disconnected.

Awesome i’ll try this when i get home today. Thanks a lot. If i were to use wire nuts (which i plan to do), they would go where the red dots are, right?

That’s impressive looking. What’s it doing?

Yep! Good luck!

You are the man…it worked perfect. Thank you!