Help, IDE is no longer showing integration, links are missing

Hoping someone has some ideas. Yesterday my IDE was perfectly fine. This morning, I went in and my IDE no longer shows any of my github links. I can go to repo and update the apps and if I click on the link it shows me the source code is still linked to Github. However, no links will show on my IDE smartapps home page. screen shot below.

Who can help me fix this!!!


Already did that, no response yet, you know how that goes, hoping someone else has experienced the same issue.

According to this thread ST is looking into it. I’d still open a ticket.

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thank you, I appreicate

I’m assuming you’re all set, but if not, change the krlaframboise namespace repository from “SmartThingsPublic” to “SmartThings”.

I’ve always used SmartThings, but I had a few duplicate projects in the other repository forked from SmartThingsPublic so they could be submitted for publication. Since publication is no longer an option I deleted that repository which messed things up for a few users that were using it.

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