Github Repo links missing

(Stephan H.) #1

So I haven’t logged into my IDE for a couple of weeks. I log in today and I see whats pictured below. All my repos are listed under Commit and Update but the links are all blank. On top of that…I added a new smartApp…published to me and its not showing in my “Myapps list”. What the heck. Anyone else seen this?


Were you logged in to the correct server/shard when you added the app?

(Stephan H.) #3

Yes. This account has always been on the shard.

(Stephan H.) #4

Chatting with support right now…Force closing the app allowed the smartapp to show in the MY App list but all the links in IDE are still missing.

(Stephan H.) #5

Please close this thread. Issue resolved by ST Support.