Help! I live in Brazil and I already bought Samsung SmartThings Hub (2018) and my cell phone does not locate it

As I said, my cell phone does not even locate the hub (hubv3) of Samsung, and this is very frustrating. The image below the Hub shows that it works with Z-wave Plus, Zigbee anyway, but even it connected to the network cable is not located by the iPhone. I read in another topic (not in this site) that if I used an American IP through a simulator would work, but still did not. I would like to know what to do because I already bought a Kiwkset Kevo 2nd generation and there are 2 motion sensors, but if the controller does not work I will not be able to use these devices.

You need to setup your Samsung account while on a USA ip. Or just wait for SmartThings wifi to come to Chile. Then it will have the proper zwave frequency for South American devices.

Kevo will NOT work with smartthings. Kevo is bluetooth.

But how I will know about the operating remotely if it doesn’t work by wi-fi?

And is there a deadline to reach South America? Will I be able to use the same device? The worst thing is that you have to install it now, because my father-in-law bought an equal telling me that I could install his as well. If I simulate the IP of the cell with a US I will not be able to install it?

There is more information on their global roll out here

You will not be able to use your current hub with another one. You can also contact Samsung support and have them change your account to USA.

Kevo will NOT work with smartthings ever. It is bluetooth and ST does not support it.

Technically the hub has bluetooth, it just isn’t used today. I believe that the new ST app uses the native bluetooth capabilities of the phone to interact with a limited set of devices. It doesn’t work today but (long shot) when ST opens on the Bluetooth API’s devs could create a custom integration for it.

Correct but as of today ST doesn’t work with bluetooth and the OP is under the impression that it does.

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