Help - Hub is on a different shard from App/IDE

Purchased my hubs way back in 2015/2016, they are US hubs (V2 I believe).

They had existed on the graph.api shard since their inception and have not been migrated.

Note: I am physically not able to re-pair my devices as I am in a different country from my hubs now. My property manager is not computer literate enough to re-pair everything and set up all the instructions from scratch.

Currently I get redirected to the ap02-northeast shard on my app and on my computer.

When I log onto the graph.api shard and try to access my hub locations, I get an internal server error.

Hub #1
500: Internal Server Error
URL: /location/show/40659464-8e44-451b-b381-b03761282cc4
Reference Id: 3baf0c45-d951-4442-8ff4-e57722b857a2

Hub #2
URL: /location/show/c9b78011-a76b-4358-be11-0d9d4e52dd3b
Reference Id: 7bcc0c05-c7bc-4c9b-a22f-711c529f0be7

I can still see my devices and my hubs in the lists, and can check their status (and the automations are still working). I just can’t see them from the app anymore.

Is there a way to either:

  1. migrate my hubs to another shard
  2. force my app to connect to graph.api shard?

As I mentioned, there is no way for me to physically reset my hubs and re-pair all my devices.

Thank you!

Note 2: according to my property manager, everything was working fine and visible on the app until a few hours before this message. I suppose at some point the app decided to associate itself to a different shard on its own accord? I am not sure.

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hmm, it’s very unlikely that your hub got moved to a different shard (unless something drastic changed recently ). Let’s try a couple things:

  1. Make sure you (and your property manager with their login) is using the URL t access the Groovy IDE.
  2. Once logged in to the URL above, click the “My Locations tab”
  3. click the name of the location you are trying to access.

Then validate the URL, go to the “my hubs” tab, etc

It maty also help to explain what brought you to this point. Automations not working? hub offline? Writing a new smartapp? etc.

How go you tell which shard the app is using? I’ve never noticed.

Shards have never been adequately explained. I have UK Samsung accounts. I first set up one with SmartThings getting on for four years ago and that has always been on It might perhaps have just about predated the UK/EU shard.

A second UK account was added to SmartThings a year or so ago and the IDE always redirected to NA04 where a default location was. I didn’t really do anything with it until earlier this year when I set up a new location and that is on and the account no longer redirects to NA04 on the IDE.

The end result is that I am a UK user for the front end but American for the back end. If I wake up to service faults I often have to wait a few hours for US East Coast users to also see and report them. Mind you we don’t have a mechanism for rapidly contacting support in the UK so it is swings and roundabouts.

Anyway there is a point to my digression. It suggests that if those errors were to be expected I might have encountered them before. I haven’t. Things may or may not be visible, but if they are visible they work.

So to me that is something broken, not a quirk.

I think you misunderstood me.

My hubs didn’t get moved to a different shard, but my login to my app/account, is a redirection from accounts.SmartThings based on my geographical location.

So to re-clarify:

  1. My hubs are on graph.api
  2. My phone app and computer will get redirected to graph.ap02-northeast, which I can override to graph.api on my computer but can’t on my/my property manager’s phone app.
  3. My hubs show up on graph.api but not graph.ap02…. So no they do not exist in the latter location. It’s a blank page.
  4. Previously everything was on graph.api. When I logged in through the phone app, it also goes to graph.api. I guess at some point somehow something got triggered and the app always redirects to ap02.

(Edit: I realised that the redirection may initially be based on geographical location, but subsequent redirections are based on where the account was created. I turned on a VPN to “be” in the USA, but was still directed to ap02-northeast (which is Asia).)