Weird Bug Need Help

I have been with SmartThings since the very beginning. I finally upgraded from my 1st gen hub to the actual Samsung hub. I set everything up and it all appears to be working.

However, when I log into it is saying I do not have a hub yet. Says to claim one in the mobile app. The thing is, I already did that. My mobile app is working and all my things are working as well. The being empty seems to be a weird bug.

Does anyone know how to resolve this? Preferably without resetting hub and having to set everything up again. However if I have to I will.

First, check “my locations” in the IDE. Each hub is a separate location, and you have to make sure you’re on the right location in order to find the right hub.

If that doesn’t help, you may be on a different shard than you were originally. See the following:

If that’s not it, you’ll need to get in touch with support:

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Thank you for the suggestion. I do not think its a different shard. When I logged in on mobile app once 2nd gen was installed, I had to delete the old info and start the process (on the app) from the beginning. However, once I logged in, all my things were there. They all work.

I guess I will have to get with support on this one.

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What does: show?

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Log into
Click "My Locations"
Click "Home"
Login to the correct shard (many of us are on
Click “My Hubs”

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There is only 1 location on that list @tgauchat

There is only 1 location, there are no other locations aside form what I already have. I assume the location is a “shard”?


  • A Location is a sub-object of Account. An Account can have many Locations.

  • Currently a Location can only have 1 Hub (and, I believe, currently, a Location “must” have a Hub; there was a time when that wasn’t required).

  • a Shard is a partition of the SmartThings Cloud. A Location is assigned to a Shard … There are currently 3 (US west, the default; US East, and UK; … there was once Asia Pacific / Singapore).

Each Shard requires an explicit login URL, except for the default:

Everyone can login to any Shard regardless of where their Location is residing on; but working on the wrong Shard can cause confusion. Selecting your Location after logging into will reveal the proper URL you should be logging into.