HELP - heat controller desupport in mid winter causing problems

Seemingly my 5/2 heating controller no longer functions. (the fact that it was desupported in the middle of winter is concerning). I was familiar with the IDE and how to develop and implement smartapps using Groovy and the old process. With the new UI I’m absolutely lost with how to find and implement something that will control 15 different zwave thermostats. Things that took 2 seconds on the old app, like getting a simple list of devices now seems impossible. Please point me to some simple FAQs or help areas on how to find, and implement smart apps. Need to get the heaters working again!!! Thanks

Start here:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Then here:

Replace Groovy with Automations—what’s your plan?

And maybe:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

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Ok. Read through them, and get the general gist of what they’re “trying” to achieve. Now I need something that will control thermostats in a way similar to the Rboy apps that no longer work. I’ve done a bunch of reading on 3rd party cloud automation providers but seems like this is a gap.

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I don’t know the exact details of what the Rboy app did, so I can’t say for sure, but I would start by looking at SharpTools. It’s a third party app, works with the new 2023 architecture, nice visual interface, $30/year at the time of this posting, free trial, and an active community where you can ask for help designing your rules. Very popular and usually the easiest way to recreate complex automations beyond the scope of the official SmartThings app routines. Cloudbased, but so were the Rboy apps.

Even if you don’t want to use it long-term, the free trial might give you some control for now while you continue researching other options.