CT-100 Thermostat listed as device after migration in new app, but states "cannot connect to device"

I recently migrated to the new smarthings app. Most things have worked okay after some reboots here and there, but my thermostat (CT-100 with a rBoy Apps device handler) won’t communicate within the new app. If I open the old app it’s still fully functional and able to be managed.

I’ve tried unpairing the thermostat and re-pairing it to the smartthings network, but nothing seems to have changed. I updated to the latest rBoy device handler in the api (v 04.07.04 of enhanced zwave thermostat) but no joy. Anyone have any ideas?

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It’s an issue with the platform / new app where it appears to be caching or doing some cross wiring within some of it’s servers. What seems to solve the issue is excluding the device, deleting the device handler code completely from the IDE and then setting it up again. You may also want to log out of the new app and login again and that helps reset all the internal wiring within the platform and gets things working.

Thanks for the suggestions–I’ll give that a shot later today.

This fixed my issues. Everything is back up and running after excluding the thermostat from the smartthings network, deleting the existing device handler and app(s), then re-connecting the thermostat to smartthings and finally re-installing the rboy device handler and thermostat app of my choice.

A bit of a pain, but it was the only problem I had during the migration so not so terrible and everything appears to be operating properly now. Thanks again!

I was just posting this same comment and stopped when i saw this thread in the simlar threads list.

Does this mean that I can still use the Rboy smart app or device handler with the new ST app?

Very much so, it’s working fine.

Do i need to set up the app and handler as I normally would then (via the web api) and in the old app?

Or is there a guide of some sort that shows how to do that in the new app? (Since I already migrated after deleting all the rboy stuff)

The process is exactly the same, just use the new app instead of the old app. Step by step instructions are on our website.

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OK I will try it out - thanks!

And it is working! All this time I was expecting that the Rboy stuff wouldn’t work with the new app. I am glad to see that wasn’t the case after all.

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I bought membership at RBoy and I’m using his DH and the 5-2 Day Thermostat but every day it hopes over to 55 for heat set point and 86 for cool set point. I had my CT100 on Alarm.com before so I do like that is working on ST’s but what is the down side to using the CT100 DH I see i the templates? Has anyone else delete with the set points changing. I do have a remote ST Multi-sensor acting as a remote temp sensor downstair. The DH itself has worked great … its the 5-2 that’s acting odd. Has anyone tried the CT100 DH vs RBoy DH?