Help hack a Monoprice Switch

(zraken) #1

I bought one of these in-wall switches from monoprice (link) and it mostly works fine. The problem is that it does not report the switch state when the physical switch is used. While looking through the documentation there’s a reference to needing to program a configuration parameter. I tried configuring it (made a copy of the default zwave switch type and edited it) but I still don’t get any state change updates, I did verify that the commands are being sent to the device. I have a feeling that the documentation is not correct about what needs to be programmed.
Anyway, for my use case I need the “toggle” function to work correctly but because the current state as recorded by the hub may be out of sync the toggle command does not work reliably. I’m hoping someone here can give me some ideas on how to make the toggle work correctly. BTW, I need to be able to use the toggle command from Sharp Tools Android App.


(Mike Maxwell) #2

The parameters included in your documentation reference do not effect device state reporting.
What ST device did this pair as?

(zraken) #3

You are correct. I forgot to link to the doc that I was referring to. I used a functionally equivalent device from enerwave (also looks the same), probably the OEM. Here’s the link.

(Mike Maxwell) #4

Change parameter 3 to a value of 1

(zraken) #5

Yeah, already tried that and did not make any difference. I have to assume that the configuration parameters for this monoprice device is different. I tried emailing monoprice support for additional information but got nothing back.

I’m hoping someone here will give me a work around. I just need to be able to do a reliable toggle, maybe I can override the “On” function to do a toggle by first reading the current state from the device and issuing a command to change the state. If that is possible I could sure use some sample code for the modified “On” method.


Any chance you figured this one out? I’m looking at getting a few of these during this promotion.

(zraken) #7

I could not get it to report current status, I gave up on that. BTW, what promotion are you talking about?


Thanks – they have 10% off through tomorrow. Was thinking about getting some of the relays, but I’m concerned about the status reporting. FAF will depend on dashboards, etc.