Monoprice In-Wall Z-Wave Switch Device Type w/ Config Button!

Hello all!

I was in the process of migrating to Hub V2 when I re-paired my new Monoprice In-Wall Z-Wave Switch, which I painstakingly crammed into an already tightly wired triple gang box, when I noticed that the wall switch it uses as a toggle switch (Old Switch) seemed to be out of sync with what SmartThings said. I click on with the switch down nothing happens, I flip the switch up, nothing happens, I click on tad light…

I was then overcome with horror as I remembered this happened when I configured the thing, there’s a little button you have to hold down for 3 seconds on the device to spoon feed it a configuration parameter to make it behave the way you would expect it to, allowing the (Old switch) to toggle the light locally and the Z-Wave controls to do whatever they please in harmony… There was no way I was taking that gang box apart again, looking over the manual found here I saw a blurb about configuring the switch using the Z-Wave controller, I thought jeez that sounds tough… I’m sure I can just ask the community and wait for the oh so helpful ones to just do it for me.

Then I said NO! I can send this damn widget one little command via a tile press! So I hacked apart SmartThings Z-Wave Lock device type and the Aeon Multi-Sensor which I know has a configure button, found what sending a parameter value looks like, pasted it all together, saw my new button and pressed it… IT WORKED!!!

Without further ado, here is my device type, I send a value of 1, for your specific setup you may need to send a value of 2, read the manual linked above. Please feel free to comment, suggest changes, use as is. I shall continue on migration journey, without lifting a screwdriver!