GE Addon Switch w/ Dimmer

I have a 3 way switch and I’m trying to install the Smart Dimmer and the Addon Switch. Right now I’ve got the Dimmer installed on one side and the regular On/Off switch that came with my house on the other. As long as I’ve got the On/Off switch on the ‘On’ position, I’m golden.

Once I try to install the Addon switch, it all goes to shit. I have no idea how this thing is supposed to work. What am I supposed to do with the LINE and LOAD wires? The Addon switch only requires Traveler, Neutral, and Ground wires.

Is there anyone that can help me figure this out? The instructions that come with these switches suck. I haven’t found any clear instructions on these forums either.

I had the same question about the Add-On the first time I installed one. Instructions are NOT clear.

You need a wire nut to connect the line/load wires together.

I suggest you look at the drawings from this site first to determine the correct wiring with your setup.

There is no one standard for wiring a 3 way switch that’s the reason why it’s a little difficult for an average person to figure it out without understanding how the system work not to mention it’s a fire hazard for incorrectly wiring it up.
Or you can also look at the two switch boxes and tell us what wires you have there and we will try figuring it out together.

I solved the problem. As brbeaird stated, the line/load wires had to be connected together. The instructions really should just say “Using a wire nut, connect the line and load wires together”. I was beating my head over what the heck to do with those two remaining wires and beaird’s comment solved my problem immediately.

Hi Ray -

Thanks for sharing the link to the various 3-way options. I’m struggling to get the add-on switch working correctly. I think my 3-way wiring is either Option 3 or Option 9 – my 2nd box has only the red traveler, neutral, ground and 1 black wire.

Can you help me understand how to make the add-on switch work in this case? I tried connecting the neutral and red traveler (plus ground) to the add-on and just putting a wire nut on the remaining black, but no such luck.

Thank you!

You can determine which option you have by looking at box one of you switch. Notice option 9 has 3 white, 3 black, 1 red and grounds. Unless other system taps into it. Where option 3 has 2 white, 2 black,1 red and grounds.
With option 3. You can go to this post and see if it will help

For option 9 - connect all the white wires together at both box. And have a pigtail to your master switch. White is your neutral.
Red will be your traveler. Connect to traveler at both switches.
One black will be your line hot. One will be your load.
The last black from between the 2 boxes is now your spare. You can cap off both end.

Just a note. Before to do this. Be sure you have the correct wiring option as per the drawing or you could toast your switches.
Hope that will help

Forgot to mention. You should label the wires just in case you get struck and want to put the wires back to previous state.

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It’s also helpful to take a photograph of the original state, including the screw connections. We all think we’ll remember everything, but we just don’t.

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