Help finding Working Device Handler for Aeon labs DSB09104-zwus HEM?

I recently purchased the Aeon Labs AEDSB09104ZWUS off amazon for $30 and have installed it. I’m trying to use the custom device handler found here but it appears to be really out of date and causes the hub to report an unexpected error. With the default device handler the configure button doesn’t work and i don’t think the the Kwh meter works either but I haven’t had it installed long enough. If someone could point me to a working handler that would be great, Thanks!

Usually the quickest way to find device type handlers is to use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. In this case, check in the device type handler section and look for the power meter list.

That way you can also ask questions in the author’s thread in the forums and talk to other people who have the device working.

There’s a lot of information in the forums, but as you noted it can be hard to sort through. Quick browse lists are a way of finding things quickly.

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This should help:

Link to my DTH:


How do you get DH threads added to this list ? Looks like it uses tags but I don’t see how to add a tag to a post.

Anyone can add the tag to their own thread. So typically when an author creates the author thread in the community – created code sections of the forum, they tag it. :sunglasses:

If we happen to add a new tag later, or if somebody comes across a thread that was started before the right tag existed, one of the wiki volunteers will tag it and let the author know in a private message in case the author wants to put it on a different list.

You can’t tag individual posts, just the thread.

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@JDRoberts thanks. Based on your reply I figured out how to tag my thread.


Your device handler works great just a few questions. What do the two lines below the watt meter mean? The first line one has a small box with a squiggly line and next to that it says Min was null. The second one has the same little box as the first one but in the text field it just says 0. Also is there any way to get it to report just one decimal point instead of three? So instead of it being 1534.940 watts it would just say 1534.9

After you set this up, be sure to go into the device’s parameters and set them the way you want, including cost/kWh (or 0 if you don’t care) Tap on done to exit back to the main device screen.

One line shows you the min and max values since the last reset, along with the dates for each, the next line tells you when certain resets were done. The power icon is there because you can’t have the text lines span across all 6 1x1 tiles, so the icon takes up 1 and the message takes 5.

The min and max values will eventually populate, but I recommend tapping on the 3 reset tiles just in case values don’t show up correctly.

Hi @Micim987,

Check out the post below. I went ahead and updated the DTH to allow you to select how many decimal positions you want to show:

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Excellent work kind sir!

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It’s an old thread, I know.

But I have to ask … why in my current consumption showing at 0 W.

What is the best DH for Aeon HEM v1 updated FW 3.67.