Help - Can't Find Intermatic CA3750 Listed in Things to connect to

Help! I’m a noob and have just installed an Intermatic CA3750 for my pool pump. It is working fine as a manual 240v switch to control my pool pump. I installed the LunkwillAndFook : Intermatic CA3750 in my device handler list and for the life of me when I try connect to the CA3750 I can’t find where it is listed in the “Things” list.

Please help!

Steve S.

Solved my own problem. Had to drag the hub into the garage with a 75 foot cat 5 cable to get it to initially link to the hub.

Mission accomplished!

Thanks to all for the multitude of suggestions!

interested in this. i have a pump and sweep pump i want to control. one concern is range. my pumps are at back corner of my house. how far is yours?

The distance between my CA3750 ant the Smartthings hub is about 50 feet. The hub is on the second floor and the CA3750 is on a distant garage indoor wall. I already had an older Intermatic mechanical timer in my garage mounted next to my service panel and it was an easy swap. The pairing was the problem. For initial pairing I had to drag the hub and a long cat 5 cable into the garage to get it going. After that I moved the hub back upstairs and it has been functioning flawlessly. I most likely don’t meet “code” because I don’t have a shutoff near the pump which is on an outside wall about 30 feet from the breaker panel. Now I can manually control the pump when outside servicing the filter or switching valves without running back and forth to the garage. Someday I guess I’ll have to put a shut off near the pump.

FIY I do have an Iris smart switch mounted on the ceiling of my garage which may be helping with the link as a repeater. . I have an Iris garage door controller mounted on the ceiling also. For security I have it set up like this. I have the garage door controller plugged directly into the existing garage ceiling outlet. Also plugged into that outlet is the Iris smart outlet. I have a power strip plugged into the smart outlet. Then I have two overhead 4 foot shop lights and the garage door opener motor plugged into the power strip. This allows me to depower the gagage door motor when away so than any bandito’s with a rolling code generator can’t access my garage door. It also allows me to turn on the garage lights when I open the garage door.

Thanks, it dawned on me that if/when I get one I will get some kind of repeater so it will have no issues. Sounds like yours worked out well

Just for future intermatic pool control installations, another suggestion is to set the voltage jumper to 120volt and connect it inside the house for pairing before the final 240 volt setup. Pretty badass tutorial on wiring on this link.

I can’t find it either:(
Do you know under what it is listed?