Intermatic CA3750 New app help (New App)

Does anyone have a solution for running this dual port switch In the new app.
Currently running LunkwillAndFook’s DTH in the classic app but it will not work in the new app.

Any updates on this item?
I love the CA3750 but the integrating new SmartThings app is lacking the same control as with the classic app

@LunkwillAndFook, any chance on an update to your DTH for the new app?

Nothing yet…still hanging onto the old app so it still functions. Its pretty basic so hoping someone will come to our rescue!

Sorry, but I won’t be updating for SmartThings. I moved over to Home Assistant due to platform instability and all of the changes since Samsung took over SmartThings. I may try to update my Enerwave 7-button handler since that won’t work with HA and I can integrate it via ST but other than that outlier I’ve pretty much abandoned the ST platform in favor of HA.