Help building piston(s) - determine multiple presence scenarios

I’m working on my first piston(s) and need a little help with the logic of this presence scenario.

Presence Sensors

  • Dad’s phone
  • Mom’s phone
  • Daughter’s phone

Basic scenarios

  • If everyone leaves and daughter is home alone, execute routine Home Alone (which sets a specific mode and alarm level).
  • If no one is home and daughter arrives home alone, execute I’m Back routine (which unlocks doors, turns on lites, etc) then execute Home Alone after she get’s into the house (perhaps just via a timeout). I do have two door sensors and multiple motion sensors available as well to determine when someone walks in the door.
  • Ensure that when multiple people arrive home at the same time as Daughter, Home Alone routine is not executed. I already have the I’m Back routine setup for all presence sensors without any pistons - standard setup.

I’m guessing this is probably multiple pistons or one crazy complicated one? Anyone have one that does something similar? I would think that this is not set of scenarios only unique to our family.

At first, I’m just trying to hash out the logical part of this before I actually code it.

Any suggestions would be welcome!


You should head over to the webcore community forum and post your WC questions there. Also check out the examples category. The folks there enjoy helping with piston designs. :slight_smile:

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Ugh…Sorry. I forgot there was a WC forum. My bad. Creating an account and posting it there now. Thanks!

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