[Deprecated] WebCore Help - Open Garage Door

Can anyone help me with my WebCore App? I want the garage door to open when my iphone or my presence sensor comes home. Sometimes I have both devices on me and other times one or the other.

Now when i come home, the door will open when it detects my phone and then again when it detects my presence sensor

try using an exclusive OR (XOR) and group your other conditions.

| | Contact Sensor 7’s is not open
| |Time is between 5 and 7pm


| | presence sensor 1 changes to present
| |Presence sensor 4 changes to present

Would the piston fail to trigger if both presence sensors change to present at the same time with an XOR?

Here is my super dooper ekkk ekkk piston that handles my garage door and SHM :smiley:

You can remove the welcome lights part (turns all front yard lights to blue for 30 seconds).
You can also remove all SHM parts if you don’t want that.

It only opens the garage door if it’s been closed for more than 3 minutes - so if we all come home one after the other one, it won’t reopen the garage door if it’s already been open in the last 3 minutes (180,000 milliseconds - adjust to your needs)

that whole async with {welcomeLights} handles lighting scenes - then runs the Light manager piston - you can remove the whole with. If you do, remove the execute piston from the else too. then if you don’t want the SHM remove the last IF too.

There is also a time limit for the garage door, I don’t want it opening anywhere between 11pm and 6am. There is also some security in place for those instances when your presence simply goes away and comes back a minute later - so it won’t open the garage door unless you’ve been away for at least 3 minutes. That’s how I defeat the ST anomalies with presence - my daughter’s phone used to wonder about the community, so I had to “fix” that… Adjust that to your needs.


I have a similar issue, I’m relying on either my presence from phone or presence sensor key fob. I get duplicated push notifications.

Where exactly do I add/update the XOR expression ?

. seems this would solve both our piston issues.


ok just did the changes…will find out if this work when the misses gets home.

this should stop duplicate actions …crossing fingers.

to change to XOR:
create a group as suggested by @Automatic00. don’t select both arrival sensors in your first condition instead do one presence sensor at a time. when you are done
it will look like pic above except with ‘or’ . to change to XOR click on the ‘or’ and you’ll get another menu popup, change to XOR

and it should be good to go…now time to test :sunglasses:.

Wow. You guys are good. Thanks for the help. I will try these over the weekend.

Another way would be to only use the presence sensors in your condition, and use the restriction feature so it only happens when you want e.g. Contact sensor is not open, time is between time1 and time2.

Hi @ady624 I need some help. I followed your piston to open the garage door but bumped into an error. The following expression gave me an invalid device. If I replace $currentEventDevice with an actual device name, it will give me a number. Any idea?

Evaluation won’t work on that variable because there is no current event and therefore no device. It will work at run time when a device actually generates an event.

Hey Ady, If everyone in your presenceSenors definition arrives at the same time, there will be a notification for each person back to back correct? Is there a way to have just one single notification that says, “Jim, Jane, bobby, and Susie has arrived home.”?

WebCore is no longer available. It was an older app based on groovy and that part of the platform has been shut down.

I have adjusted the title to reflect this.