[Help]-Arm all arlo devices

Here my problem. I have multiple base stations. Each base station has its own account. I then share the cameras from the second account with the first allowing me to see all 8 cameras at one time in the app.

The new Arlo app has the the option to “Arm all devices” and “Disarm all devices”.

I can seem to find a away to access that. If I use IFTTT to arm Arlo it only arms the base station.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

This forum is for Samsung Smartthings products and Samsung Smartthings related issues. I would suggest posting your question over on the Arlo community forum website. You may get a better answer over there.

I am trying to do this through SmartThings. Since Arlo has smart things integration.

I use SmartThings to turn the Arlo cameras On/Off and just leave Arlo in Armed mode all the time. Because even though Arlo is in Armed mode, it won’t do anything if the cameras are Off.

So, when you setup the Arlo (Connect) service in SmartThings, do you actually see all eight cameras from both Arlo accounts, or do you just see the cameras from the account you used for the connection?

I only see the 4 cameras on base station 1 (BS1) linked to the account to make the connection.

That makes sense from a security perspective that you don’t see the other cameras shared from the other account in SmartThings. Arlo apparently does not expose the shared Arlo cameras from someone else’s account to other 3rd party services which in this case is SmartThings.

As for the Arlo Arm/Disarm mode in the Arlo app, only they know if they will ever expose that feature to 3rd party services like SmartThings. I’m guessing they never will. Take for example SmartThings, from what I’ve read throughout this forum, SmartThing does not expose the new STHM in the new app to anyone else.