Integration with Two Arlo accounts

I have six arlo camera. Two q’s and 4 others. Because I have six they are in two separate arlo accounts that are then shared with each other. When I look into arlo I can see all six cameras and the basestation. In smartthings I can only integrate with one of the accounts it seems. Is there any way to add the second account?

Bump - Anyone out there have some thoughts?

Maybe @twack can help?

I was thinking maybe install another Arlo Connect App from the marketplace - but I just tried to do so and ST wouldn’t let me.

i tried the same thing. Also tried to find some old ARLO code from @joeBeeson

so i could add that but i get an error Java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘locationDTO’ on null object

I have the exact same problem. I bought a 4 Arlo Pro bundle, and 2 Q’s. Due to the 5 camera limitation, I have one account with the Q’s, and another with the base station and 4 Arlo Pros. I can only add one Arlo (connect) app to SmartThings. I plan to put the Arlo Pros outside, with 1 in the garage. What I really want is to get the 2 Q’s and the Base Station Siren to be hooked up to Smart Things. I tried to add the specific Q through the SmartThings IDE website, but I couldn’t find the Q device, and I don’t think it’s supported that way…


What I have done temporarily is I have the base station in smartthings so I can access the alarm. I am then using the q,s outside of smartthings with an ifttt to advise smartthings when they fire. Not very elegant.

Is there any workaround to add two separate Arlo accounts to the same SmartThings account?`

You can always buy an Arlo subscription. I have 8 cameras under one account. Looking to add 2 more.

I do need two basestations since 2 of my 10 cameras have bad WiFi coverage with a single base station.
As per conversation with Netgear CS, each account can only be associated with one BS.

The good news is that you were given bad information by Arlo support. The bad news is that you were given bad information by Arlo support.

You can most certainly have 2 Arlo base stations under one account, even on a free account. It’s the number of cameras that matters to Netgear. For example, on my system currently there is a mix of 6 Pro and Pro 2 cameras spread across two base stations along with 2 Q’s. All of these live under a single account with a single ST integration.

Thanks for the info, looks like I got a bad agent …
I already have two accounts working well now, and am really hesitant to uproot and re-pair them :neutral_face:
So there are no other workarounds to bring both accounts to SmartThings?

Unfortunately you will need to consolidate them on the Arlo side.

You could try creating a second ST Location, and using IFTTT to communicate between the locations (Depending on what you’re trying to achieve), but that’s going to be quite messy and probably not very reliable given IFTTT’s history of lag.

Okay, I will try merging the two accounts over the next holiday :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help and feedback, appreciate it.

I know it’s been a while since anyone replied to this topic, but I did find another way of implementing 2 Arlo accounts with one SmartThings account. I’ve set up 2 “Locations” (Home and Home2) in the SmartThings application and am using WebCore pistons for passing alerts and mode changes between the two. I’ve also had some success with setting up 2 instances of AutoArlo.


Thanks for sharing that with us. I have two Arlo Accounts and have not found a way to get Smartthings to recognize the second account. Please elaborate a little more - Do you have only one Smartthings hub and did you use the same physical location for both “Locations?”


I only have one SmartThings hub and account. I set up a second location (Home 2) in the account without a hub, and then went and added the cameras from the second Arlo account to Home 2 (also added Webcore to both locations). Instead of using SHM in Home 2 I created a virtual motion sensor in the first location (Home), and a Webcore Piston to send motion detection from the cameras in Home 2 to Home (thereby triggering SHM at Home). Initially I was using pistons to coordinate camera on/off at Home 2 based on devices in Home , but found that installing a second instance of AutoArlo in the Home location (manually created it from the code) allowed me to see both Arlo stations in the second instance and automate the mode changes from one place.

Working to replicate your success. I have successfully added two arlo accounts to smartthings one at home and the second at home2, but i can’t figure out how to use WebCore pistons for passing alerts and mode changes between Home and Home2. Can you assist? Thank you. Dan

To capture motion changes I have this piston in the Home2 instance of WebCore:

The receiving piston in Home is:

The motion sensor in Home is a virtual device based on the Smartsense Motion Sensor

The original configuration using pistons to turn the cameras on/off worked the same way but I was sending from Home to Home2 with the triggering event being the on/off status of camera in Home.

Thank you for the response. I am still struggling on how to point one piston to another. Also, is this configurable via the app or only by the browser?

If you open up the WebCore Dashboard in a browser, on the menu there should be a Settings link.

Click and then select Integrations from the next screen
At the bottom of that screen will be instructions on how to construct the link for the environment (note that you will have different link values for Home and Home2).