Help! ADT Home Security Widget Frozen (Solved)

I can use the ADT widget to set the alarm, however, the alarm does not communicate back to the widget to show the status of the alarm, or the sensors. Everything on the widget is frozen, and not being updated with device status. For example, the widget thinks my front door is open, but the panel knows it is closed and doesn’t show any problems. Please help! I need this to protect my home!

Solution: Reboot the hub. See instructions in the two posts below.

I’m sure you have tried force closing the app on your phone and restarting. After that if there are still problems, I reboot the hub through the IDE web interface - select “My Hubs” -> “View Utilities” -> “Reboot Hub”.

Went ahead and completely restarted my phone. Also tried my girlfriend’s phone. Security widget is frozen on both phones.

Restarted the hub via, and it appears to be fixed!!! Thanks!!! Would be awesome if it stays fixed. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this doesn’t become a “Linksys router” problem of “unplug it and plug it back in” every day…


I usually have to reboot it once a month when something goes flaky - I can go 3 months without a reboot if I am lucky. Anyone found a way to schedule reboots in Webcore? A scheduled monthly reboot would be good.