Hello, Home Phrase Director - Control modes (through hello home phrases) based on occupancy and "sun state"

It should be happening. If not contact support and have them take a look. I have not received the official word that it is resolved but I can say it is now working after a chat session with support.

You nailed it. When this doesn’t happen the app will not work correctly.

Let STs support know

Done. Thanks, Tim.

Is this just the normal sunset scheduling problem that everyone’s happening, or can support actually do something about it?

I’ve been having issues with any SmartApps not executing at sunset for about a week now. I contacted support, and I’m still waiting for a resolution. It’s been very frustrating… :angry:

Same here.

I was able to fix the problem for Hello Home Actions by removing all the devices from the action (not exclude), exiting the mobile app, re-adding, exiting again–and waiting until the second sunset. Then everything worked fine.

Other people did something similar by removing the sunset instruction and re-adding it.

My suspicion is that once one gets missed you have to do something, anything, to get it to reschedule, then it’s ok once a full cycle has passed.

pure guess, but it may be that it’s NOT the offset that improves things, but just the forced reschedule.

Two things I don’t know:

  1. If you have to do this for every smartapp that references sunset or just one and
  2. How to do this for a smartapp that isn’t part of a Hello Home Action.
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Unfortunately, I have done those exact steps and it has not corrected itself after multiple sunsets. I also not have other triggers not working, such as a garage light that did not turn off tonight when a door was closed. The stability of my install has dropped dramatically over the past week or so. If you were to read back over my previous posts, I very, very rarely had any issues in the past. Now issues are all I seem to have…although I was able to reprogram the sensitivity of my Fibaro motion sensor tonight to not recognize the cats. Or, maybe it was an ST issue that prevented my lights from coming on when I was testing it with the cats! :smile:

My sunset trigger failed again last night. :pensive:

If I’m right about how to reset it, it will fail again tonight, then hopefully work tomorrow. Until the next traffic jam fail.

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Mine too for the first time ever i think lol…

Now that I checked… Mine didn’t trigger either… Was kind of busy with the Hvac guys and didn’t notice… Oops! First time in weeks…

I’ve seen this as well. Sunset stuff, all of my scheduled SmartApps de-scheduling themselves, general slowness in response. All within the last week or two.

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@My Canadian Brethren (and other non-US peeps)

I just pushed an update to the STs peeps to allow for alphanumeric zipcode input. Should hopefully hit the official channels soon!


Mr. Tim… When will you force me to use your brilliant app? :wink: probably the only person not using it… :slight_smile: just out of sheer laziness. Though I steal parts of it for my custom apps. :wink:

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Well it looks like the problem has reared it’s ugly head again. Frustrating part of the whole thing is that I just tried chatting support and got a bounce back that Support has an increase incident volume and that I would need to send an email. My confidence level with ST is quickly dropping. I have a completely useless hub because ST cannot get the sunrise/sunset right. Come on ST what gives!!! If ST plans on moving to subscription based plan for V2 they had better get their stuff together. I want ST to success but I am not sure that is going happen given the recent couple of weeks of problems.

Not sure if this belongs here or not but since it affects this app I figured I would try :smile:

I want to be able to manually select a Hello Home Phrase, just say “I’m Back” for example, and have it select a certain mode based off of Sunrise/Sunset. Is this possible?
I have this app setup to automatically do this based off of presence and Sunrise/Sunset but what I want to to be able to manually select a Phase and have it set Home Day Or Home Night based off of Sunrise/Sunset.


it would probably be easiest to just make 2 different hello home phrases, one for day and one for night


what he said…

I am trying to setup an alarm panel using a android tablet. It will have a button for disarm which will run a Hello Home phrase which triggers a mode.
The alarm disarms on either Home Day or Home Night. So I wanted one button to trigger the hello home phrase which would set either the mode to Home Day or Home Night. Either will disarm it but I also wanted to keep the correct mode (home or night).
It may not be possible but I figured I would ask.

Check out actiON dashboard, it doesn’t have a button but it has the hello home phrases easily accessible so you could disarm that way. I have a couple cheapo android tablets around the house just running the dashboard

Thanks, I am running Action and it’s awesome!
I did just find in Tasker that I can set a variable at a certain time so for now I am using that to determine day and night and it “seems” to work, I will find out more tomorrow :slight_smile:

I’m struggling with the sunrise/sunset bug as well. Support had me relocate the hub ( SmartThings Icon>Gear Icon>Select the map and move your Hub to a new location. Select save and then repeat, moving your location back to the area around your home. ) which sounds like a creative way of rebooting the location. I moved to Russia, then back to Canada just to be sure. I haven’t figured out whether it will work, I guess I’ll find out at sunset tonight.

As an alternative, I’ve thought about linking/modifying the app to luminance from my Aeon Motion/Light/Temp sensor, but I don’t have the programming prowess to modify Tim’s code. @tslagle13 would this be an extremely difficult task?