Hello Door Lock Code

(skp19) #1

I made this mainly so that I could have the system change to visitor mode when guests who have a code come over and also notify you what code was used. It will either change the mode or run a Hello Home action depending on what user code is entered. Hoping to get to try this out with a Sonos system soon. This contains the functionality from my “Door Lock Code Distress Message” so it can be used for the same purpose also but you can have it perform an action also with this code.


If you find this app useful, please support the developer:

Disarm/arm alarm with Schlage lock code
Suggestions for when cleaning service comes over?
Send Distress Message When Door Lock Code Used
(Chris) #2

Sweet. Looks great! So just to clarify, the “Enter User Code Number” is the slot number the code in question occupies in the lock, right?

(skp19) #3

@swamplynx Correct. You can use the discovery mode to find which slot a code is using.

(Morgan) #4

@eparkerjr I was trying to use this but when i go to install it, it doesn’t have a Done button to finish the install, it just has the uninstall button at the bottom?

Any ideas?

(skp19) #5

@thrash99er I’m assuming you’re on an iPhone. I just tested on an iPhone and it looks like there’s an issue with the dynamic fields. I wont have time to fix it till Sunday. If you want to get it working yourself before I can get to it, just remove the if statements around the input fields.

(skp19) #6

I disabled the dynamic fields for now and fixed the “Done” button not showing. Updated code is on GitHub.