Recognize when key is used in zwave lock?

(Brian Smith) #1

Is it possible to recognize when someone uses an actual key in a zwave lock? I’m not sure the locks can transmit that scenario. However, if they can’t we also have door sensors on the doors as well. Does anyone know of an app that will recognize the lock is locked but the door opened and change the mode if the current mode is Away? Basically, guessing that a key was used?

As much as it is easier, I don’t think I’ll get my 90+ year old father-in-law and my 80 year old mother-in-law to use the codes. They are “old school”… :smile: But, I would still like to change the mode from away to a modified home (perhaps home with key), which would have a few different settings.

(George Sudarkoff) #2

My lock updates its state regardless of how it’s open. What lock do you have?

(Barry) #3

I know we get a specific response when a code is used (indicating which code was used), so I’m pretty sure we can tell if the key was used. It would help; to know which lock you have.

What sort of differences would you want to see for the key? Would a different Hello, Home! mode be sufficient? I could look into extending my “Home on Code Unlock Too” app to differentiate keyed unlock action…

(Brian Smith) #4

You know, that is my fault. It does recognize that the lock is unlocked.

But, I would like to recognize it as a different event and assign a different Hello, Home mode. We use Kwikset locks, and I rekeyed it to work with our previous keys. So, friends that have the keys will still work if they come over as well. So, you can probably see why I would like a different mode to run when a key is used.

(Barry) #5

I’ll look at my code and the response from the lock to see if I can add “keyed unlock” as a separate user that runs a different Hello Home action. Will it suffice if we don’t have a separate “keyed lock” action for when they leave?

(Barry) #6

Looks like we can only tell that the lock was unlocked manually vs. using a code. Manually will mean either the inside button/knob was used, or the key was used outside. Can’t tell the difference between the two, so any associated Hello Home action will have to run on both cases (inside or outside manual unlock).

Will this be OK?

(Edward Pope) #7

Interested in this as well. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your code here :slight_smile:

(Brian Smith) #8

That would be cool…

(Barry) #9

Code written - hopefully not in the Shared Smartapps yet because I can’t test it until I get home tonight. If it’s already there - use at your own risk :wink:

(Barry) #10

OK, the version that supports Keyed Unlock is now available in the IDE under Shared SmartApps - I moved it to the Mode Magic group (it’s also in my GitHub here

See this thread for a discussion of the implementation:

(Edward Pope) #11

Thank you very much for your kind work here sir!