Disarm/arm alarm with Schlage lock code

(Jay Tedesco) #1

Is there a way to change the the mode to “home” after I put my Schlage door lock code in?

(Dav Glass) #2

This shouldn’t be hard at all with a SmartApp. Just select the lock, listen for the unlock event and change the mode.

(Jay Tedesco) #3

uuhhmm… I wish I knew how to do what you are saying because i could really use this option. can you explain?

(Kevin Tierney) #4

There is a shared app called Hello Door Lock Code. I have not used it, but the description is

Description: Changes to a specified mode or runs a Hello Home action depending on door unlock code

Here are some instructions on installing share smartapps in the IDE

(Jay Tedesco) #5

well that was what I wanted but unfortunately it doesn’t change the mode :frowning:

(Scott G) #6

The Hello Home action can change the mode. I think it’s the last option in the Hello Home phrase set up, so you could create a new HH phrase and use this app.

(Kevin Tierney) #7

Looking at the code, it looks like you could change either the mode or run a hh prase. Here’s the thread where the author posted it originally

(Jay Tedesco) #8

Yea, I tried that but for some reason it’s not changing the mode to home and the alarm goes off as soon as we open the doors.

(Jay Tedesco) #9

Update…this is working for me now. Thanks for all your help!


What was the solution for you? I am having the same issue. Thanks!

(Jay Tedesco) #11

it’s no longer working. Something so simple seems to be so challenging with smarthings. I decided to look into a traditional alarm system.

(Rodney Backoff) #12

I am looking for a way to use the keypad on my Schlage Touchpad Lock to Disarm the system, and from inside the house to use an Iris keypad to Arm the system. I can already control the alarm with the Iris keypad, but have not found anything for the Schlage that works.

(Steve) #13

I see what you were attempting I used a Motion Open/Close sensor on the Door and that can allow change of mode, Lights on or off and if you have a storm door you can put one on it with different commands.