Heiman Water Leakage Sensor (HS3WL)

Being an absolute beginner in this exiting world of connected things, my debut was buying the ST hub v3 plus amongst other sensors, the Heiman water leak sensor (with a probe necessary for my usage). But this Heiman Zigbee device apparently is not recognized by the ST hub… But I thought any or most up-to-date Zigbee devices would be recognized by the hub during the add-device process. Have I misunderstood something or is someone able to guide me?
Many thanks in advance / Jesper

It depends upon how the manufacturer implemented Zigbee. Most should work fine, but some are manufacturer specific. Looks like this leak sensor should work.

If you haven’t tried yet, use the Classic app to see if the sensor can be discovered. If it doesn’t, you may just need a custom DTH built, or modified from another.